Psychic Boot Camp

The Authentic Woman

Your Retreat is Saturday, August 15th!
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

When we harness our empowerment energy we are confident, accepting of ourselves, and allow joy to permeate each action. We understand how to glorify what is seemingly pervasive and surrender while owning and managing our personal power to bring about the best outcomes for our needs. We claim our intense collective consciousness energy to live in self-respect, authenticity of our inner voice, and follow our intuitive strength on a path to eternal happiness. Every woman deserves to find a sense of her own importance. With exquisite clarity, we'll disarm the central complexes of the psyche that drain away and abort our access to personal freedom.

We'll create exciting yet simple recipes for better skin, healthy gut, suppressed appetite, strong heart, and leaner body.

You'll take home the ingredients for the wellness kit you need for the new you!

This retreat is always growing and evolving. Over years of many events and gathering feedback from women who've experienced my retreats, has helped me develop the Psychic Boot Camp into a stronger program integrating the identity of a "soul's journey, catering to how women use their love and power." Reacquainting to your true self is a large focus. We examine tools which remove obstacles and strategically implement basic routine guidelines for living a more fulfilled daily sense of personal awareness. You'll learn the spiritual dynamic values of how your senses help discern your divine purpose here, and why it is - blocks remain hard to break down. What you can implement to bring fast REAL change in your life, and much more!

Self commitment looks like: Sticking with a morning routine, maintaining boundaries, protecting your own energy, learning re-patterning from recognizing triggers, practice being mindful of what you consume internally and externally! 

You'll learn ancient practices of physical exercise that channels your spiritual and intellectual energy and balance, needed for fulfilling self love and the power of other's who love us. Providing a safe, nurturing place for you to explore your individuality, and as a group share information and learn to invoke and honor who you are, who you want to be, and your spiritual Goddess within is AMAZING! Hosting Goddess events for over 15 years has been one of my greatest joys! I design this retreat where "Psychic Camp meets Life Enrichment". You will learn to...






 I'll show you the ancient and successful methods of MIND/BODY/SPIRIT development. 


and you'll be astounded at the simplicity yet significant immediate results! 





Encounter the Realization!

You're part of a great collective consciousness.


All the materials needed, are provided in your Goddess swag bag; Goddess Booklet, Altar Kit, Journal, Pendulum, Tarot Cards, Goddess Jewelry, and Prosperity Tools. 

Everyone who attends, sees their aura, learns to hear and see spirit, and experiences a nurturing feeling of wholeness and inner peace! You'll discover simple ways to replace stress with positive affirmations, re-patterning thought perspectives, meditation techniques, and a new fresh approach to daily bliss. Awakening your personal power never felt so good and igniting a new path in spiritual living with other women in joy will transform your soul! 


Breakout Sessions

Setting Intentions, Affirmations and Mantras

Self Actualization - Transformative Perspectives of Mind, Body and Spirit

Spiritual Cleansing Ritual - Cutting Cords of Negativity

Seeing Auras & Chakra Protection

Guided Meditation

Identifying Spirit Guides

Breakout Sessions

Designing Our Sacred Space

Journaling with Purpose

How to Manifest What We Desire

Moon Cycles and the Universal Clock

Physical Exercise Used to Enhance Psychic Ability

EFT Benefits for Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss




Fresh Fruit

Veggie and Wrap Trays

Healthy Confections

Purified Water

Leaded and Unleaded Coffee and Assorted Teas

Breakout Sessions

Learn the Tarot

The City of Nine Gates and the Body

Healthy Core and Feet Massage

Meditating to Meet Spirit

Getting Back Your Authentic Self

Brain Humming and Glorifying Our Divinity

Honoring Our Selves - Rewriting Our Story

Opening Gates of Divine Purpose

Shamanic Releasing Ceremony

Location: Kathleen's Home
5006 Timber Circle Drive
McKinney, TX 75072

When: August 15, 2020  

Time: 9 AM - 6 PM

Single Registration $175.00

Feel free to text or email me with any questions at 214-502-6323

Thank you and see you there!


“Kathleen, thank you for such a powerful and amazing experience!! You have such an incredible gift and I feel so fortunate that you shared it with all of us at the Goddess Retreat! I feel so much more in sync with my spiritual side and I love it. You have opened a door for me that has been shut for too long. The Goddess Oracle is my new bible! Thanks again.” Eileen D.


“The goddess Retreat was an experience I will never forget. I have never felt so relaxed and open to anything like this before. I will remember and treasure this experience for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable group to share this with. Much love,” Melyssa E.


"Perfect!!! This is how I describe Kathleen Tucci's "Goddess Oracle" retreat. It was magical, fun, and inspiring. If you want a positive life changing experience I highly recommend every woman to attend a "Goddess Oracle" retreat that Kathleen offers. Kathleen really has put a lot of love and effort into making a woman feel like a goddess that she truly is. Attend a "Goddess Oracle" retreat and you will leave an awakened and invigorated woman/goddess!" Tawana C.


"Dear Kathleen, thanks so much for having the Goddess Oracle Retreat. I greatly enjoyed the meditations, crafts, journaling and conversations with a group of like-minded women. The retreat itself was a catalyst for spiritual awakening and growth, a true celebration of the divine feminine. I eagerly look forward to the next Goddess Gathering." Joely R.


"I'm going home, not the same person I was when I arrived. Thank you, thank you!" Jane C.


“What an amazing spiritual journey! This retreat was just what I needed to get away from it all, really relax and find myself.” Beatrice M.


“What an awesome place to spend a weekend surrounded by other amazing women!” Roberta G.

“From the moment I arrived until I had to sadly depart, the Goddess Oracle retreat was beyond my wildest dreams. I can hardly wait for the next Solstice.” Carissa P.


“This event exceeded my expectations on all accounts.” Geri S.


“I’m not sure if I am going to be able to convey in this small box how utterly fantastic this experience was – simply put, it was a beautiful, life changing experience worth every dollar.” Patricia N.

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