"Kathleen's personal adventures into the topsy-turvey world of psychic awareness are rare page-turners for me! How fortunate for us all that Kathleen ultimately chose the highly-challenging life of not only a medium, but a spiritual teacher too!"

Judith Guggenheim – Co-Author of the best seller Hello From Heaven! and World Renowned Researcher and Cofounder of The ADC Project.


“Few books have swept me up as swiftly or as concertedly as Kathleen Tucci's. What makes these books so compelling is the author's open and honest writing style. Tucci isn't afraid to admit that she lives an ordinary life - though clearly, with extraordinary gifts. Her books are a must read for anyone wanting to connect with spirit.”

Jeni Mayer – Author of Suspicion Island and The Mystery Of The Missing Will and Editor of Body Mind Spirit Magazine.


“Kathleen's undeniable ability to connect with our loved ones gives me solace knowing there is life after death and brings immeasurable comfort to those in grief. Kathleen reassures us that death is a wondrous beginning and that our loved ones continue to be with us."

Judy Collier – Author of Quit Kissing My Ashes.

Vibrating to Spirit
A Psychic's Journey to the Other Side

Kathleen illustrates in her book Vibrating To Spirit what lies beyond our own visible world and presents inspiring stories with testimony of her amazing psychic ability to communicate with loved ones on the other side. Creating that connection between the physical and spiritual world, she shows us the power of love, healing, protection, and wisdom that our loved ones and spirit guides provide us in their powerful messages.


Using a bright, honest and sometimes humorous narrative, Kathleen describes how she came to understand her remarkable psychic ability and the events that led her to develop her gifts as a medium. Bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds, she connects individuals in grief with loved ones in spirit and has brought comfort to countless individuals suffering the loss of a loved one. Sharing fascinating and deeply moving stories from some of her most astonishing readings, she provides awe inspiring examples of after death communication and captivating answers to questions regarding life on the other side. Kathleen confirms that our loved ones do not really die, but are with us in our daily lives.


As an established expert in psychic development Kathleen has mentored hundreds and trained many spiritual mediums who've went on to build their own private practices as intuitives and healers. In the book Vibrating To Spirit, Kathleen shows you how you can make that connection with the spiritual realm on your own, giving you the tools necessary to empower you and shephard your own spiritual journey. Included is instruction on how to develop your own psychic senses and then learn to recognize spirit and communicate with those in spirit!

Connecting to Spirit
If You Build It They Will Come

In September of 2000, Bob Dean, a recently retired pilot, decided to investigate the “afterlife” phenomenon with an open mind. His research took several directions. A complete skeptic, Bob set out to debunk so-called psychic mediums and other phenomena. However to his great surprise there came actual “contacts” with the spirit world...incidences that included contacts which involved friends and relatives that could be absolutely verified. His accounts are described in his journal in detail and covers over three years of research. Consulting with and exploring the likes of Professor Gary Swartz, Victor Zammit, the Amazing Randi, John Edward, Sylvia Browne, Suzane Northrop, and George Anderson and after pursuing those studies, he came to the conclusion that there IS an afterlife and there IS a very real “spirit dimension”.


Meeting Larry Hastings, a genuine Near-Death Survivor was one of the great highlights of Bob’s journey. Clinically dead for over twenty minutes, Larry describes not only his visit to the afterlife and subsequent travel back to the earthly plane, but also how he maintains “contact” with his angels and guides he met there, while here on earth. 


In this collaboration, Kathleen Tucci helps to define how the afterlife does indeed exist and how it is actually a part of our every day lives. She describes why we all have a master spirit guide and several lower level guides that assist us, why contact with our guides and angels is vital to our progress both here on the earth and in hereafter, she provides specific tools available to everyone that are “keys” to making multi-dimensional communication possible, and much more.