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Quantum Healing

Kathleen Tucci - Noetically taught




206 N. Britton St.
Tom Bean, TX 75491

"Miracles of healing take place when the mind is open. Pain is energy misplaced. Hope resides in the invisible."

~ Kathleen Tucci

About Quantum Healing

Everybody has a story, and I would love to hear yours. Personally, I have experienced miraculous healing. My story of healing began in 2018 when I went through rigorous methods to find pain relief in my lower back. I would soon discover every therapy I tried, including cortisone shots was a waste of effort to relieve the crippling agony. It was difficult to walk any long distance, sit for even a short period of time and I would sometimes collapse, leaning onto what was near to steady myself to an upright position. I discovered a cyst had formed on my L-4 and L-5 spinal column. It had wrapped itself tightly around nerves and was aggressive. The only answer after visiting many doctors and surgeons was a complex spinal reconstruction where they would have to enter through a 5 inch incision from both the front and back of my abdomen. Many who have had this surgery do not recover well and little pain is alleviated. I was not thrilled at this news and yet the alternative seemed to be to suffer endlessly in excruciating sciatica pain.


To provide you with some background family history, my father was intrinsically gifted with quantum healing and had performed it on my arms, releasing emotional pain just before my 20 year old granddaughter would suddenly pass. I knew nothing at the time, yet in his latter stage of Alzheimer's, when he couldn't even speak, one month before she died, he psychically knew, and I would later come to realize how profoundly he had healed me emotionally before the event! 


I was raised by parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, who possess strong psychic awareness. At 5 years old I would see faces swiftly passing by my face many nights, as I closed my eyes to sleep. I was told that these were other souls, passing to the after life and that when we slumber, we have a foot in both worlds, so it is possible to some of us, to witness these spirits easily.


So when I began the process of tests required for my back surgery, I was told by my Master Guide that I should refrain from any surgery because I would likely not survive. He said if I did live, I'd be destined to a wheelchair, unable to walk again. That visual was very scary and yet my reaction was to slowly ignore what I was told spiritually, and instead, pressed on with tests because of my severe pain. I was suffering in my body and my focus had fallen away from the mind/body connection. My divine masculine energy at the time was the winning voice over my divine feminine intuitive knowledge.


When I failed to follow spiritual instruction, I started running into one roadblock after another with my medical team. Appointments suddenly were not confirmed to me so I missed them. Even the day before surgery, the electronically digital text from the appointment desk at the surgeon's office failed to reach me. The nurse called directly, when I didn't show up at the hospital for my prep tests. I told her I never received a notice of an appointment. Both of us stunned, she rushed to find a doctor on call who could still squeeze me in that afternoon so we wouldn't have to reschedule the surgery, which would mean I'd have to wait another month. When I showed up to the hospital for the tests, the hospital had NO RECORD of my name or information in their database! I had pre-paid my surgery the week before, and had filled out numerous pages of detailed medical history which they had on file. Yet there was no trace of me in their system. With that shocking news I promptly walked from the admitting desk, to the billing desk and requested a refund.

Driving home dumbfounded and bewildered as to what I experienced, I asked my Spirit Guide and Archangel, "What now? What do I do and how do I heal? I can barely walk or sit for any length of time." I distinctly heard; "You will heal yourself with your own personal power so you can then heal others." When I returned home, I meditated intensely and was shown in symbols and color, how to effectively heal my own body. I immediately had relief and to this day I have no symptoms of lower back pain whatsoever. In meditative yoga, I often do what is referred to as a Malasana pose. Malasana stretches the thighs, groin, hips, ankles, and torso. It tones the abdominal muscles and improves the function of the colon to help with elimination. This pose also increases circulation and blood flow in the pelvis, which can help regulate your central energy. It improves balance, overall concentration, and focus. 

Glory Harmony Hum Kathleen Tucci

The Quantum Healing Experience


The Healing Process

This session is to determine specific positions, including details about important achievements and milestones as well as blockages, challenges and desired improvements in ALL areas of mind, body and spiritual being. I make sure to include relevant trials and highlights, to adjust the possible mental exercises as well as the timeframe required to heal with Quantum energy.

Briefly described, you'll be positioned on a massage bed with dim lighting. Subtle music will be heard for the purpose of relaxation. I will then use language of healing while moving energy throughout your main chakra centers. Inside and outside of our bodies consists energy. Most of all diseases begin in the mind. Our mind as the canvas on which our thoughts project, is a part of human consciousness. View your mind as a holographic representation of the human body. With our positive thoughts, genuine intention to heal using quantum thinking, healing takes place at a spiritual level by producing endorphins. Endorphins are opioid peptides which have many purposes such as immune stimulation, anti-inflammatory reversal, anxiety control, anti- aging, and alteration in gene expression. 

Post Session Debriefing

After your healing session, we'll spend 20 minutes or so in a post session chat about your Quantum Healing to help bring more clarity and insight into how you continue to manifest healing within.

Contact us for your free consultation at

 Quantum Healing session $300   

Sessions are 1 1/2 hour in length.

Four ways to purchase:

 Cash/check in-person

Venmo: @Kathleen-Tucci-2


Zelle: 214-502-6323 (The Column Center)

Gift certificates are available and can be mailed US post, emailed or texted to you or your recipient.

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