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Life Path Guidance

Tarot deck

A psychic intuitive reading is where we consult your Angels and Guides to receive important and relevant information you ordinarily would not know. 


Many of us experience angst or anxiety for a myriad of reasons; money pressures, unstable health, relationship challenges, career trajectory, and so much more.


I'll provide you with accurate and expert detailed advice, and help you manifest the love, financial security and relationships you desire.

Being passionate, feeling like you can take on anything, and spiritually grounded to manifest your dreams is completely doable - you simply need a plan of action tailored to execute your specific goals! Your Angels and Guides want you to be at peace, live happily, and excel and succeed in all you do.


Kathleen, I know this is a delayed response to your past reading with me for April 2005....but it has been a long year and a half.  I came to you for a reading on my nephew that had passed over and was in hopes of reaching out to him.  What I received from you was a reading totally focused on my father's health.  I repeatedly stated to you, during the reading, that my father was very healthy.  I was actually a little frustrated at times because you kept going back to my father's health during the reading.  In the end you did help me reach out to my nephew...and it was a blessing.


You passed on memorable milestones that I would encounter during the next year...certain months you mentioned would have impacts on my life....and they did.  Last May, my father suffered a massive stroke.  As noted in your reading to me, you mentioned that I would learn from what I saw my husband go through with his father, and it would assist me in what I would encounter with my own.  Out of the 5 siblings, I have been handling all the legal paperwork, right down to purchasing the burial plots.  Everything that I watched my husband go through...was an educational process for me to initiate for my father (and mother's) future.


During this time, I've also been getting thought patterns while I'm in the shower from my nephew and also a dearly departed cousin.  At times I felt embarrassed with giving people information for fear that they might think that "I'm starting to lose it".  The messages that I've provided have been helpful to the family members that I've relayed them to.  They keep asking me for more information, but I've totally blocked out my thoughts in the shower for fear of more information being passed.

Someday - I'll give it another chance and open myself up again.


To say that I was somewhat frustrated with the information at the time of our session, only to find later, it was the truth was mind blowing! That I am extremely grateful for you preparing me for my future, is an understatement.  I still have the tape I made of our session and listen to it once in a while.  It still amazes me.


With sincerest regards,


Dale A.


Hey Kathleen, I Just thought I would let you know how cool my season was. During the reading over the phone the other day you brought through my little brother Jim. He told you that I was going on a trip and staying at a bed & breakfast type of place on the water, with a wraparound balcony. He said that I was going for a festive occasion with family but not my mom, and that when I looked out over the water, he would be next to me and that it would be beautiful. That was on Thursday. I left Friday for Chicago to attend my niece's wedding (husband's side) and checked into the Harrington Inn in Geneva, Illinois on Saturday. It was just how Jim described it to you. It was right on the Fox River with a stone wall circling the property and separating it from the river. As I peeked out of our 1st floor room I saw it looked out over the water, which was only a few feet from our patio, and to a park across the river. The leaves were changing colors, and it was beautiful. I definitely felt Jimmy's presence.

In addition, the comment you made about Jim in a Samurai warrior pose was wonderful. Jim always loved everything Asian. He loved the food, he had a house full of Buddhas and dragons, and always loved Asian women. He traveled to Japan and China and lived in Maui, Hawaii for five years. That made so much sense to me that I had to laugh out loud. I shared the information from the reading with my mom, and our thoughts became lighter as we imagined Jimmy learning and experiencing his past lives as you described.

I feel so lucky to have met you and feel blessed that you are able to connect with both of my brothers. They have come through clearly and strong each time. Thank you so much for bringing them to me and continuing to bring me such comfort. Since my experiences with you, I no longer fear death and know that both of my brothers are still a part of my
life and will be waiting for me when my time comes.


Rebecca T.


Contact me with any questions about scheduling your session either in person or over the phone. Spirit is everywhere so the accuracy is the same.

Get in touch so we can schedule your Phone, FaceTime, FaceBook Chat or in-person session. 

 * Phone is $120   * In-person is $160

Sessions are 1 hour in length.

Four ways to purchase:

 Cash/check in-person

Venmo: @Kathleen-Tucci-2


Zelle: 214-502-6323 (The Column Center)

Gift certificates are $120 and can be mailed US post, emailed or texted to you or your recipient.

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