Everyone Can Paint - You Were Born To Create

2    W A Y S   T O   E N J O Y   A   P A I N T I N G   C L A S S

  • You provide the wine and tasty goodies for your invitees.

  • I provide the step-by-step process to let your imagination soar!

  • $45 Per person

Your private painting party comes with all you need to succeed in a spectacular way!!! All materials are supplied at one low price to your guests; canvas (flat or gallery - your choice), aprons, paints, brushes, drop cloths to keep paint only where it should be, and a pre-selected work of art you choose to be the highlight of your event. $45 per person

Anyone can paint, and letting your inner artist out is so much fun when you have a guided tour around your canvas.  Private painting parties are enjoyable for all occasions. Whether it's a "just because" event or a celebration...


I can customize your party to make your next soiree the very best!


Birthdays, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, corporate team building events, client appreciation and more!

Call me at 214-502-6323 or email kattuccipsychic@gmail.com

Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual and creative practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. It's about letting go of fear or expectations and allow your painting to evolve based on your sentementalities, visions, and compassion. With my guidance, I'll help you release attachment to judgments and instead invite in your subtle thoughts to open a presence of self expression.


Walking you through one-step-at-a-time you can translate your feelings and inspiration onto canvas. Think of it as dreamtime with color. You'll foster a deeper connection with your own spark while co-creating with Spirit an amazing piece of art you'll treasure. 


I teach private lessons and group workshops at both my location in Downtown McKinney or I can bring it to you.

All materials are included and costs average $45 a lesson for a 2-hour class.

Check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

Learning to paint is a great way to not only nurture your creative self, but to have fun doing it! If you'd like learn to paint privately, the lesson plan is spread out over 4 sessions to master:

Technique  *  Basic Color Theory  * Enhancement of Your Own Aesthetic * Using Brush Styles 

"Painting Spirit" is offered in weekly classes, and one-day workshops. Programs are geared towards students of all skill levels. I adapt to each student’s needs and give them all the help they require to develop their artistic skills. The curriculum is fun, comprehensive and interesting as we explore how to capture your Angels and Guides around you, on to the canvas.

"Inuitive Painting" is step-by-step progressive guidance in the basic techniques and secrets needed to create beautiful pieces of art. Tyically abstract in nature - color, form placement and use of a wide variety of tools collaborates with the artists minds and hands to create magnificent and inspiring paintings.

Call me at 214-502-6323 or email kattuccipsychic@gmail.com