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I perform two types of private readings:


Psychic Intuitive Reading - Answer your questions using Tarot in current life status and provide intuitive insight into your future.​ 

Medium Evidential Reading - Connect you with loved ones crossed over, providing you with personal messages from those in spirit.


A little bit about me


I grew up seeing and hearing spirits. When fate brought 2 tragic deaths into my own personal circle of family and friends in the late 90’s, the experience altered my life's journey. I deconstructed the advertising company I owned at the time, and swung the career pendulum in a new direction.  It became a passion to embrace my spiritual gifts, passing on messages of healing and inspiration to others on the path of grief. 

I began performing intuitive readings professionally in 2000, and quickly gained momentum in speaking events and hosting development circles and workshops, educating those interested - in how to develop their own intrinsic spirituality. This path then transitioned into becoming an ordained Universalist Minister, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist. Later training at Arthur Findlay College in Essex, England, I added Psychic Artist to my repertoire and can now also paint portraits of spirits for my clients upon request.


As an accomplished speaker and expert in the paranormal and spiritual arts I offer lectures on psychic development and the mind, body, spirit connection at conferences and other public affairs. For over 18 years now I have enjoyed an accomplished career as an intuitive counselor, psychic development teacher, mentored several healers and intuitives who went on to launch their personal practices and have a successful history in radio broadcasting as Host of, Beyond Reality and Resident Psychic on the Dan and Tasos Show, both in Dallas, TX. I've written several articles on psychic development and grief bereavement and enjoy volunteering on committees for local civic groups, and charities. I've written two popular books; “Vibrating to Spirit – A Psychic’s Journey to the Other Side”, which tells my personal story of mediumship and “Connecting to Spirit – If You Build It They Will Come”; a work I co-authored with Bob Dean and Larry Hastings, who survived a Near Death Experience lasting over 20 minutes. My spiritual practice is located in McKinney, Texas. 


Prepare for your reading


Before your scheduled reading with me, if your wanting to connect to a loved one crossed, perform some due diligence in your family's tree and its history. Familiarize yourself with stories and events of those you desire to connect with. Knowing this information first hand, will greatly increase your ability to acknowledge and validate the messages you receive from them when in the live reading.


If your desiring an intuitive reading about your future and life path, prepare a list of questions to ask your spirit guides and angels. This will help you walk in prepared and get a more valuable reading with detailed information. We can do both types of communicating with spirit in the same session if so desired.


Being Relaxed and Open


A session with a spiritual medium is centered around the energy exchange between you, the medium, your deceased loved ones and your guides and angels. Being present and with an aware open mind will ease tension and help to eliminate any energetic barriers that could block the process of connecting to spirit. Most mediums including myself, can move past and/or around such anxious energy. However, if you're relaxed and simply open to what you might experience, you yourself release any walls of anxiety that could stand in the way of a quality session. Just come with a happy heart and the results will provide you with great joy and comfort.


It's my pleasure and honor to read for you,

Kathleen Tucci


Private appointments are currently available by phone, FaceTime or Zoom. 


To schedule a private reading, you can email me at kattuccipsychic@gmail.com or when purchasing your reading below, be sure to include your contact information so we may reach you to arrange an appointment time. To purchase a session by check, debit or credit card, click on the appropriate button. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you. 


Not sure which type of reading you need?


I offer two different types of sessions. One type is connecting with loved ones who have crossed and transitioned into the heavenly realm. The other is a psychic intuitive reading where in a one hour session we tackle your current and past issues, consult with your spirit guides and pull down answers of direction and future life path to quantify for you, choices and decisions you could make to improve your wellness overall and define next best steps in building a successful and peaceful life journey.


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In-Person Session $120.00

Phone Session $95.00

Tarot - Psychometry - Intuitive Guidance

Meditation Instruction and Psychic Development

Insight into Your Relationships and Divine Purpose

Communicate with Loved Ones Crossed Over

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Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding what takes place in a psychic reading.


What is Channeling?


We are all connected spiritually, in both the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Channeling is the process of opening the lines of communication between us and the Angelic Realm, and other Souls who have crossed over to a life beyond. It is about listening to Spirit.


Why Connect to Spirit?


People have many reasons for wanting to make contact with those on the other side. Angels and our loved ones that have departed us, walk beside us throughout our daily lives. We are not meant to take on the challenges of life on our own, but are being encouraged to seek divine guidance. Connecting to Spirit helps to provide information that will assist us in our growth. We are here on earth to learn life lessons, to grow spiritually, and most importantly, to help and love one another! Connecting to Spirit gives our loved ones a vehicle to communicate to us and to let us know they are happy and safe. Our Spirit Guides and Angels will also give us instruction on areas we need to focus on and provide answers and directions on how to best help ourselves usher in - that which we desire into our life path.


How Does Spirit Talk To You?


My job as a spiritual medium is to translate messages from the Spirit Realm, including your loved ones, your angels, and your guides. These messages come in the form of visions, symbols, voices, feelings, and intuitiveness. I interpret this communication into words for you, keeping the translation as close to the original concepts as I can. The interpretation is done more from your perceptiveness in and on the messages coming through, than my ability to create the words. You will often time get meanings from Spirit in words, phrases, or other symbols, that I at the time may have no idea of the meaning it holds for you. I just simply deliver the messages given to me. You will know that these messages are meant for you and only you, because of the personal and private nature of the information and validations that come through.


Whether we receive only a few words from someone who has crossed over or a great number of validations, we must always acknowledge the enormous amount of energy spirits are using in order to reach us. They are trying to reach you because they love you. The vital message here is that life never ends. We are all souls...each one of us a unique energy pattern that lies beyond the transience of physical matter, and outside the limited forms of currently measurable energy. You do not have a soul. You are a soul! A soul who happens to be in a physical body at present. It is the realization that the real you, your true self, is that Soul Nature. The law of conservation of energy states; "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed in form." This means that YOU, as energy...are now...always have been...and always will be!


Who or What Do I Channel?


I connect with the spirits of  your loved ones who have crossed over and your spirit guides. Anyone can pay you a visit in a reading. Sometimes they are the loved ones you were hoping to hear from and sometimes you may be surprised by who actually attends. There are no boundaries or limits as to who can visit us in a session. It could even be a distant relative, an acquaintance, or someone you don't even know. What I can promise, is to deliver the messages to my best ability and with honesty and integrity. Learning your family history and those included in your wide circle of family and friends is essential to get the most out of your reading. The Spirit will continuously make references to validations. Things to get you to realize, remember and/or understand what they are trying to communicate. You need this family history to quickly validate for them and for you, that you understand what they are telling you. Study your family tree, important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, death dates, family stories, etc. This is predominantly the type of information loved ones give me to pass on to you so you'll recognize them and know that they are present and watching over you.


What Can You Expect From a Reading?


A reading can be a very moving, emotional, and happy experience. Those in great suffering from the loss of a loved one are advised to seek professional counseling first to assist in their grief. After you have grieved and accepted their death, consider reaching your loved ones through a medium.


I believe that the value of channeling is not just about the information that comes through, but the fact that life goes on, and that our loved ones are always with us, now and forever. That we are always surrounded by Guides and Angels who are there helping us plod through our daily lives. They and our loved ones are there with us when we have celebrations, life traumas, and even in small events that take place in our lives.


Receiving messages from Spirit can be a real healing process and can provide some strong answers to directions we take in our lives, the importance we place on specific areas, and where we should be putting our focus. Be open, willing and ready to accept the guidance and messages from the other side.


You need only speak to them, in thought and prayer. They will hear you. And most times, will go as far as to give you signs that they heard your thoughts and prayers.