SPIRIT                                            MEDITATIONS


The soul uses a variety of methods for communicating with us but the most direct route is the way of intuition. It's not a verbal language, but a language of feelings. For example: If you are dating someone and there is an uneasy feeling about him/her - your intuition is speaking up. If you choose to ignore it then you are responsible for the consequences that might come about. The more we ignore our intuition the more we will find we repeat mistakes, misunderstand how spirit speaks to us, and create a harder longer journey of growth, essentially working hard not smart. How do you know you've missed an intuitive signal within? When intuition is ignored or by passed, a deep sense of anxiety sets in.


When you begin to operate from the field of intuition, you automatically elevate your spiritual development and self authority. This characteristic is dependent on your ability to listen to the guidance coming to you from within. The ability to listen and trust in your power (intuition) enables you to move with ease and freedom in the world. You realize that by listening to your intuition you protect yourself from unnecessary pain or harm and all areas of your life flow easier and work in improved synergy. Just remember that whenever the element of frustration enters any area of your life, you are not listening to the wisdom of your intuition. The way to eliminate the frustration is by getting quiet, closing your eyes, breathing, calming yourself and tuning in to your intuition. Trust the guidance that's transferred to you.


What is this guidance? It is actually the universe guiding you via your intuition. It is constantly helping you whether you are conscious of it or not. Because the language of the universe is not literal, your cultivation and understanding of how the universe individually speaks to you and guides you is crucial. By remaining receptive, being aware of the signs, signals and messages of guidance, your life will take on a completely new dimension and meaning.


As we seek universal guidance the universe needs our cooperation in implementing its guidance in our life. We are always on unconscious levels communicating, but for most of us, we are not aware of it. Be alert. Be discerning with the information you receive from Spirit. One of the ways you know Spirit has passed messages to you is the by way you feel...balanced, safe, contented and completely at ease with the choice and direction you've chose to implement your decision. If none of these feelings are present when asking for guidance and making choices then it's not Divine guidance but your own ego or personal desires. Simply be aware! Once you get in the flow, you will trust your intuition more and be receptive to the signs and signals of Divine guidance. You will feel more comfortable and secure in the world. And you'll find that all things work out in your best interest because your intuition and universe will make sure of it.

Very often I am asked by people desiring to increase their ability to hear and experience spirit how to be more in touch with their higher consciousness. My response is always the same. "Learn to meditate." While that may sound simple, channelers, mediums, psychics, and spiritual practitioners of all types truly share in the belief that unless we learn as souls to examine our own selves both as physical and spiritual beings, we cannot and will not meet our energies with the ethereal to a degree where we can permeate with the essence of the divine.


As you develop meditation techniques that work for you, a new door of opportunity opens to widen your resources by which you exist. There is an entire guiding force of Spirit Guides and Master Teachers who aid us daily in all endeavors, large and small. When we are open to recognizing them, our lives are guided by a Holy path. When we resist our intuition and gut instincts, we falter and life throws us curve balls and we block our own abundance as a result.


The information below is a general outline and some relative information to get you started on a meditation journey. It is designed as a guide for:


  • Safely and effortlessly taking yourself to states of profoundly deep meditation.

  • Stimulating the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, you balance your mind leading you to a high-performance state scientists call "whole brain functioning."

  • Create true quantum leaps in your personal self awareness.

  • Significantly help you to "walk in awareness" of your souls's ability to see, hear, and feel much of what omnipresence is placing before you.

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Preparing the Body


The first step is to put your world on pause and relax your body. You need to become relaxed and aware, totally at peace yet hearing the pounding of your heart and the hum of your brain. This is where you will discover a place for you alone—a place for your unique inner self. This is where you will be free from the roles you play that insure your survival, free from the demands of the people and the institutions that absorb your daily life. This is a place where you will want to review the memories, pictures and stories of your life, a place where you observe the results of your behavior. This is where you begin the work towards creating a “partnership of equals” between the dual aspects of your head and heart, your thoughts and feelings, your wants and needs and your human and higher powers.

To enter into a meditative state, find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. The main objective is to relax the heart and wrap around the business of the mind. Draw as many deep breaths as necessary to relax your physical body, intellectual mind, emotional heart and spiritual soul (practicing pranayama). For the muscles, it is usually best to start with your feet and work your way up to the top of your head. Focus on the pulsations of your heart and the rhythm of your breath until your mind quiets down a bit and you have settled into a relaxed and peaceful “easy chair” state: spine straight, head effortlessly resting on the shoulders, feet on the floor and palms comfortably on the lap. This begins the empowerment of your spiritual journey. With practice, you will be able to obtain a state of deep relaxation within seconds. With your eyes remaining closed, picture yourself entering a peaceful place (such as a garden or seashore), and then silently chant the word “Light” over and over again in your mind, attempting to lessen all other thoughts that are extraneous. Then, picture a brilliant and pure white light starting to glow from the inside of your mind. Gradually slowing the timing of the chant, switch your focus to the rhythm of your breath, using a single breath for each chant. As you inhale, expand the intensity of the light inside your physical mind. As you exhale, let the light spread throughout your body: torso, arms and legs. Concentrate on the visualization of this light glowing and radiating throughout your entire being, increasing your vibratory rate with each breath. 


Now let the dual energies of the contrasting aspects of your brain flow independently and freely. This is where you will enter into a personal conversation between you and your guides. On one side will be your thoughts and behavior, on the other will be your emotions and beliefs. Keep in mind it is usually best to let your mind wander freely, rather than force your mind to try to relax. Simply focus on the sound and rhythm of your breathing while beginning to concentrate on each chakra (energy center). Begin recognizing each chakra starting with your root energy center as follows:


  • See this energy center glowing and surrounded by the color of its origin.

  • Visualize a stake extending from your root chakra thrusting deep into the earth to ground you.

  • Now feel the glow of this color growing warm, spreading out and upward to meet the next energy center.

  • Connect each chakra to the next, visualizing the colors of each one glowing and feeling its warming, healing and balancing properties.

  • When you reach your crown chakra, visualize white golden light spilling out over your entire body and aura, covering you in a strong blanket of protection.


Begin listening and again, letting your mind roam freely, focus your attention on hearing what your higher consciousness has to offer you. After a few minutes of letting the conversations and feelings flow freely, the next step is to set your mind into an even deeper meditative state by now envisioning a spirit guide before you. Be open to whatever type of guide might appear. Whether animal or human form, this guide is appearing at a very crucial step and is there to gently guide you to your next higher level of consciousness. This is where you allow the power of pure love to help you seek what is best for all of your personal dynamics and will be shown what is expected of you. It is next, that you take the steps to meeting other loved ones on the other side who reside on the ethereal plane.


Now visualize another gate or doorway in your meditation. Step through this portal, knowing that whatever exists on the other side is truly from spirit and the ethereal plane. You are safely grounded by your root chakra to the earthly plane, yet you are simultaneously able to inhabit the spiritual plane and visit those who are living in a higher consciousness. This is where your brain enters into a deeply personal space that exists between resting and sleep. You will feel an “energizing” or “tingling” sensation bristling throughout your being as you enter into a pure meditative state. Western Science has confirmed the reason why countless generations of people all across the globe have searched for this state: it is the “gamma” brain wave state that does not rely on conscious thought nor waves of emotion. Scientists have shown that this unique brain activity activates those areas of the brain where happiness, understanding, and compassion reside. This is a far different mental state than the “alpha” brain waves of the normal active/alert state; it exists somewhere in between the resting level of “beta” and sleeping state of “delta”.


Be completely open to whatever you see, hear, feel, smell or touch while in this portal. Practice listening to hear whatever they would like to share with you. Look around and remember what you see while there. Ask your spirit guide to bring those you’d like to visit close to you. Ask your spirit guide their name and their purpose in being connected to you. When you are ready to leave, thank spirit for joining you and simply cross back through the doorway. Visualize touching something solid in your meditation before opening your eyes, and then physical touch something solid after opening your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale.


Every person has the ability to bring about a better world for themselves and others. All you have to do is to train your mind. You can begin this process of personal healing and the promotion of social well being with this simple Meditation. All it takes is a willingness to relax your body and mind and let your heart and soul unite. The key to success is practice and repetition at the same time every day. Remember to write down your experiences in meditation in a journal or diary each time. This is important while trying to learn the signs and symbols spirit uses to communicate with you.


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Moon's "current phase".

Each stage in the Moon's passage brings special energies, opportunities and awareness. If we can learn to attune ourselves to the natural earth rhythms of the ebb and flow of universal energy, we use the intrinsic function of living in harmony with lunar cycles which then increases good health, happiness and inner knowing and allows you to ‘see’…‘feel’…and be ‘aware’ of what the universe is showing you. You will have a larger opportunity to usher in the positive people and situations into your life the universe has worked so hard to line up for you and your soul path! Our Guides and Angels work from this platform of energy and by understanding this, we work in greater sync with them – recognizing with clearer understanding what it is they place in our journey.

New Moon


The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle, and means that the moon is completely in line with the sun and the earth. We see a dark sky with no visible moon. It's a time of newness and rejuvenation. The new moon is the three days after the new face of the moon and also includes the day of the new face of the moon. Meditations: New beginnings of any sort, spiritual research, health, personal improvement, new employment.


Waxing Moon


The waxing moon is the period of time between the new moon and the full moon. Every night, the moon gets a little larger. Any meditative work that requires growth should be done now. This is a fantastic time to create a vision board! Meditations: Courage, motivation, inspiration, friendship, elemental magick, healing, prosperity.


Full Moon


This is a time when the moon is at its most powerful and potent. Performing any positive meditations at this time will achieve good results. Since the full moon only truly occurs for one night out of the entire lunar cycle, it can be hard to fit it into your schedule. You can harness the energy of the full moon for about 2 days before or after the night the moon is truly full.Meditations: Artistic projects, love, romance, fertility, psychic abilities or making decisions. Also healing, guidance, and completion affirmations.


Waning Moon


The moon is waning as it gets smaller again, after the full moon. As the moon seems to disappear in the sky, use this time to do meditations to remove things from your life. The waning moon is a good time for the casting out of the old ways, banishing old habits, smoking, eating habits, the removal of troubles and worries. Make lists and tie up loose ends. Try not to let items go undone during this time period. The moon keeps moving even if you do not! Think of the “C” shape of the moon as a “C” for complete. Complete and finish projects or tasks of any kind during this time, whether, physical, emotional, or spiritual. You will work in better harmony with Mother Earth and the Universe by following the moon cycle thus affording her a larger opportunity to usher in the positive people and situations into your life she has worked so hard to line up for you! Meditations: Banishing bad habits, addictions, ending relationships, complete projects, release old ways, focus on laws of detachment.


Typically, there is one full moon every month, but since the lunar cycle is a bit shorter than our calendar months, there is sometimes two. The second full moon in any given month is called a blue moon.


Dark Moon


The Dark of the Moon (or Dark Moon) is traditionally the last three days of the Lunar cycle, immediately preceding the New Moon, and the time when the night sky is notably absent the presence of the Moon. The earliest peoples understood that the power of life lay in the darkness of the moon. The purpose of the dark phase of any cycle is that of transition between the death of the old and the birth of the new. The dark time is a time of retreat, of healing, and dreaming of the future…the fallow times preceding outbursts of creativity and growth…the calm before the storm. Most of us do not realize we all have many dark phase times in our lives, and that these are naturally occurring periods in any life cycle. We fail to understand that endings are the precursors to new beginnings; thus when our life rhythms move us into and through these dark phases, we are usually unaware of what is actually happening.  It is the grandeur of Death and Rebirth, not merely an ending with the proverbial ride off into the sunset. The dark phase of the cyclical process is a phase of healing and renewal rather than one of fear and unknowing; a time of mystery, wisdom, and healing power -- all gifts of the Dark Moon Goddess. There is less energy available for outer activities and meeting the expectations of others, because the purpose of the dark phase is for focusing on the inner dimensions of our bodies and minds. If we can learn to attune ourselves to the natural earth rhythms of ebb and flow in our lives, we can use the intrinsic function of the dark times for healing and renewal. When we resist this inward motion in our psyche, then anxiety, stress, and fear are more likely to take hold of our emotions. Meditations: Healing, renewal, psychic affirmations for purposeful outcomes. A good time to meditate on the inner self.