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Painting Studio

Kathleen Tucci is an American author, artist, spiritual teacher, and environmental activist. Kathleen has stated that art was her first love. She took up painting at the Toledo Museum of Art. A museum well renowned for it's impressionism galleries. In the late 1970's, a time before beginning a family, she grew up with Lake Erie as her backdrop and the wildlife reserve as her backyard with a creek running through the property. It as a magical paradise of nature - deer, a majestic variety of evergreen, fruit, and oak trees, the quiet of the night, and incredible sunrises.

It's often time that profound dramatic moments affect the way you see yourself and relate to the world around you." She found painting therapeutic. "I started painting, and what poured out was a spiritual connection to nature and the state of simply being, that overwhelmed me. Getting pulled into the blending of color could transport me to another reality. A reality where familiarity seemed so full of peace and tranquility, I would completely lose sense of time."


Kathleen has maintained her studio practice throughout her spiritual career and spends much of her free time painting commissioned pieces, usually with a spiritual message speaking through the line, color, or techniques used. Citing impressionist artists such as Monet, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Aususte Renior​ and Alfred Sisley as influences. Kathleen loves the freedom of en plein air painting. Tucci's artwork incorporates landscapes and abstracts as well as colorful portraits in a multitude of mediums.




Recently working on mixed media canvases which encompass the life story of a loved one who has transitioned, has presented a fascinating opportunity Tucci feels, for the survivors to heal. "Sitting in consultation with the deceased family to hear the many facets of a person's life and the impression and legacy they left behind, provides a beautiful landscape on which to capture this loved one and 'tell the story' of who they were when here sharing their life with us." It is a fascinating opportunity to honor them, using personal items and paint, bringing it unto a large canvas for all to witness, glorify, and celebrate the bonds of love you shared with them.

Painting Workshops

Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual and creative practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. It's about letting go of fear or expectations and allow your painting to evolve based on your sentimentality, visions, and compassion. With my guidance, I'll help you release attachment to judgments and instead invite in your subtle thoughts to open a presence of self expression and connect with your personal inner power.

Want to schedule a workshop? Email:


All materials including easels and canvases are included. $45 per person for a 2-hour class. Groups up to 12 are accommodated.

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