Women Only Spiritual Development Circle

When:  Dates TBA - Check calendar at right

Where: Kathleen Tucci's Home

5006 Timber Circle Drive

McKinney, TX 75072

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Please email any questions at: kattuccipsychic@gmail.com

If you are ready to change your life and take control of your destiny then I can help. I host a women's only - spiritual development circle designed to enable you to find inner peace, access your inner power and be truly happy! We meet every other Monday to discuss psychic topics and share our experiences. As your psychic mentor, I facilitate and guide you in exercises and techniques to open your awareness of your psychic intuition and ability to hear and communicate with spirit. Dialoguing and receiving answers to questions that mystify the spiritual experience is a large part of what we do. That's exciting! 

For over 17 years I have performed individual readings connecting loved ones in spirit for clients, taught meditation and psychic development and have been a teacher and speaker in spiritual enlightenment. My focus is one from love in thought word and deed always in all ways. This is a beautiful way to live and ethos to follow, being a spirit of Divine Feminine while in a human existence and a Divine Masculine. Although this can be confusing and utterly frustrating for those women who are unaware of mystical universal laws of karma and energy, there is a primary system that's easy to comprehend, understand, and live by - once shown to you! 


It begins with not perfecting our behavior, but about focusing our intent on what’s important to us and how to create more of that in our own lives. This new bliss then positively impacts the lives of people we come in contact with and the world at large. You become the change that you wish to see!  As human beings we have a tendency to complicate things, and often over think them. Sound familiar? Living "aware" and in your spiritual element is very simple. It sometimes just takes a new perspective or a different view point in recognizing how. 

Also remember you are not alone – you can always ask for help be it from earthly or heavenly sources or both and all of us face daily struggles that challenge us. We are forever growing, learning and changing - for the better! If you are drawn to find out more and would like to explore the possibility of visiting the development circle - know you can join at any time and step right in to your own individual learning space. All women are welcome to participate and encouraged to attend regardless of your level of spiritual knowledge. From newbies to highly experienced, all voices contribute to our learning and sharing, practical observation, and participation in networking with enthusiastic like-minded women seeking a better and brighter way to live.


Each week we share on a variety of different topics in spiritual growth and ways to live your life in joy through universal energy, daily. At every circle we will always:

Have a question and answer session

Share psychic development topics

Support and honor each other's growth

We are women who are interested in improving our natural spiritual abilities. You can attend sporadically, but being involved on a regular basis will propel your skills and ability with increased intensity. All are welcome regardless of your level of development. There's no need for a reservation. The circle is held at my home. When attending, please respect that the nature of our meeting is time sensitive so try to be prompt and please arrive at 7 PM. Thank you!

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