Workshops & Training

On Demand - Your Location or Mine

I offer a variety of workshops and retreats to help participants increase awareness, experience spirit communication, embrace inner spiritual wisdom, and deepen their connection to their own intuitive abilities. 


For more information or to schedule a workshop or goddess retreat, contact me at Each workshop can be modified to fit specific time frames and locations (yours or mine).


WORKSHOPS and RETREATS are all-inclusive and NEVER require your participants to bring materials.


Spirit Communication

2 Day Workshop


Join this life-changing metaphysics course. This psychic development course gives you the opportunity to explore mysticism -developing at an intense level, unlocking a timeline of mysteries that will create life changes, deeper understandings self actualization, and help you obtain spiritual power, peace and abundance in your life. You will learn the fundamentals in spirit communication and how to develop a personal relationship with your Spirit Guides. Fee includes 30-page Booklet, Journal, Altar Bag, and Spiritual Cleansing Kit. The workshop is divided into two days - meeting 4 hours each day.

Intensive Psychic

6 Month Course


An in-depth 6 module apprenticeship. Embrace your abilities to see and hear spirit and master tools and techniques needed to be a psychic and evidential medium. No experience necessary! You will be able to work as an intuitive psychic and channeling medium after course completion. Included in your curriculum is;

How To See Auras  ·  Chakras  ·  Meditation Techniques

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience

 Symbols - The Psychic Language

 Discerning Your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones

 Being a Psychic Medium - Passing on Messages

Tarot, Psychometry, Automatic Writing, Palmistry


2 Hour Class


The Tarot is an instrument that allows us direct access to knowledge stored in our subconscious.  It is the language of our intuition, and premonitions. When we consult the Tarot, it tells us about our feelings and worries and gives us information and answers in simple and direct terms. Tarot cards are a means of predicting events or gaining insight into our spiritual and earthly worlds, used as a method of predicting the future and our life path. Learn easy steps and a proven way to read for yourself and others accurately! Participants can bring any set of Tarot cards. A recommended deck is the Universal Tarot by U.S. Game Systems for its simplicity for beginners. This workshop is for those just wanting to learn to Tarot for the first time and also designed for folks well-versed in receiving messages from spirit and just want a refresher. For those who organize a group of 5 or more, the organizer attends FREE OF CHARGE.

Meditation for
Bliss and Spirit Communication

3 Hour Class


All forms of spirit communication begin with exercise in meditation. Learning to catch and receive vibrations, we can become versed in the important mind silence that brings us higher wisdom and clarity of life path. That same ability can be shepherded in to tapping in to spirit energy helping you discern angel, from guide, guide from loved one, higher self from another. Your communication process with the spiritual plane is defined by your ability to master meditation and open doors to altered states of consciousness. I teach you to focus with hyper-sensitivity to safely and effortlessly take yourself to profoundly deep states of meditation. You'll learn to stimulate the use of your third eye chakra to produce visions and clarity of seeing spirit, balance your energy centers leading you to a high-performance elevated states of grace and dramatically improve your acuity skills, memory, intuition, creativity, concentration and create true quantum leaps in personal self awareness. 

Psychic and Multi-Sensory 

All Day Workshop


Most children being born today display openly their spiritual gifts. Although being psychically intuitive has always been our birth-right, kids today are smarter, taller, faster and yes, even more spiritually evolved than their predecessors. They speak of experiences from previous lives and/or can see spirits of relatives and family friends who have passed on. As a parent it's critical to allow their gifts to develop naturally, at a pace you and they can cope with. At the same time, teaching them appropriate values - compassion, acceptance and responsibility of their gifts fosters high self esteem and self respect, personal boundaries, compassionate reasoning, etc. This workshop shows you how to nurture their natural talents while establishing basic processes in recognizing your child’s unique and individual spiritual gifts while helping them to manage their senses in a way which is not frightening. Using language systems that are not scary and that explains fully what they are experiencing is paramount to building trust - trust within themselves and trust in the adult world around them. Practical exercises and tools are offered to teach spiritual development to any child 3 yrs of age to as old as 17. This class is an interactive workshop for Parents AND children!


The Goddess
Oracle Retreat

All Day Workshop


The Goddess Oracle Retreat is an empowering workshop intended to help women uncover hidden aspects of themselves, provide a safe, nurturing place for you to play up your individuality, and as a group share information and learn to invoke and honor the spiritual Goddess inside. Hosting Goddess events for over eight years has been one of my greatest joys! I design this retreat as a mini Psychic Camp where you learn to see auras, create prosperity rituals and invoke Goddess energy into your life as never before.  You'll discover simple ways to live in ancient Goddess energy. From nurturing meditation to igniting a new path in spiritual living, I personally guarantee this is a retreat you won't soon forget and something that I'm certain, you've never experienced before! We work with the archetype of the Goddess as Virgin, Mother, and Crone in a framework of achieving balance and embodying the qualities of each of these three aspects of your divine feminine nature. You'll learn how to master ancient rituals and tools the Spiritual Alchemists and Mystics used centuries ago! 


The Goddess Oracle


-Discovering Your Goddess Archetype


-Trance Dance


-Shamanic Releasing Ceremony


-Seeing Auras


-Meditating to Meet Spirit


-Journaling with Purpose


-Manifesting What We Want


-Prosperity Rituals


-Honoring Our Bodies & Selves


-Creating a Spiritual Alter at Home


-Read Tarot for Yourself and Others

“Kathleen, thank you for such a powerful and amazing experience!! You have such an incredible gift and I feel so fortunate that you shared it with all of us at the Goddess Retreat! I feel so much more in sync with my spiritual side and I love it. You have opened a door for me that has been shut for too long. The Goddess Oracle is my new bible! Thanks again.” Eileen D.


“The goddess Retreat was an experience I will never forget. I have never felt so relaxed and open to anything like this before. I will remember and treasure this experience for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable group to share this with. Much love,” Melyssa E.


"Perfect!!! This is how I describe Kathleen Tucci's "Goddess Oracle" retreat. It was magical, fun, and inspiring. If you want a positive life changing experience I highly recommend every woman to attend a "Goddess Oracle" retreat that Kathleen offers. Kathleen really has put a lot of love and effort into making a woman feel like a goddess that she truly is. Attend a "Goddess Oracle" retreat and you will leave an awakened and invigorated woman/goddess!" Tawana C.


"Dear Kathleen, thanks so much for having the Goddess Oracle Retreat. I greatly enjoyed the meditations, crafts, journaling and conversations with a group of like-minded women. The retreat itself was a catalyst for spiritual awakening and growth, a true celebration of the divine feminine. I eagerly look forward to the next Goddess Gathering." Joely R.


"I'm going home, not the same person I was when I arrived. Thank you, thank you!" Jane C.


“What an amazing spiritual journey! This retreat was just what I needed to get away from it all, really relax and find myself.” Beatrice M.


“What an awesome place to spend a weekend surrounded by other amazing women!” Roberta G.


“From the moment I arrived until I had to sadly depart, the Goddess Oracle retreat was beyond my wildest dreams. I can hardly wait for the next Solstice.” Carissa P.


“This event exceeded my expectations on all accounts.” Geri S.


“I’m not sure if I am going to be able to convey in this small box how utterly fantastic this experience was – simply put, it was a beautiful, life changing experience worth every dollar.” Patricia N.