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Empowerment is within you


Do you find yourself quickly upset or overwhelmed with everyday tasks?

Tired of repeating patterns which only lead to feelings of sadness or guilt? Are you ready to begin healing from the pain of injustices in your past? When are you willing to stop justifying living the life you don’t want?

It's time to do things you've always wanted to do. Re-patterning your life is a strong tool in breaking barriers and seeing new perspectives. You truly are capable of being an AUTHENTIC PERSON OF EXCELLENT WORTH!


  • Get in touch with – and better manage your emotions.

  • Overcome baggage by letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

  • Learn what is important to you by revealing your deepest values.

  • Create an action plan for achieving your goals.

  • Empower your life!

Ready to begin? Contact me to arrange a free consultation to discuss how I can help you in designing the perfect strategy. CALL 214.502.6323


Receive Messages
From Loved Ones in


Get together a group of family or friends! Whether you are having a family reunion, hosting an event for your club, or just looking for an excuse to get together with friends, Gallery style parties are when you and your friends gather together to enjoy hearing messages from Spirit in your home or other private setting. I offer both electronic and paper style, pre-designed invitations if needed.


Incentives and Gallery times! The host/hostess always receives a FREE individual session for booking a Gallery. There are 2 Gallery times offered; 2 hours for up to 10 guests $240, and 3 hours for 10 guests or more $360. You're welcome to purchase a 3 hr Gallery for fewer than 10 guests if so desired. Many choose to have more one-on-one time with me to also do Tarot and perform life path readings for guests as well.


Design it how you like it! Create an event that fits your individual needs, hosting at your destination or my McKinney location. We'll design an extraordinary experience for you and your guests!



Private Visits with Spirits and Universal



Psychic Intuitive Reading 


Being passionate, feeling like you can take on anything, and spiritually grounded to manifest your dreams is completely doable - you simply need a plan of action tailored to execute your specfic goals! Many of us experience angst or anxiety for a myriad of reasons; loss of a loved one, money pressures, poor health, relationship issues, and more. I provide you with expert detailed guidance, and help you manifest the love, financial security and relationships you desire.


Medium Evidential Reading


Connect you with loved ones crossed over in a one-on-one setting in my office or by phone. Spirit is everywhere and always present around us connected by the bonds of love. Needing closure after our loved one transitions or simply satistfying the desire to gain evidentary proof that our loved ones live on in spirit and gaining that established truth is extraordinary. As a psychic medium I work hard to create the magical experience of re-connecting you to those in spirit in an authentic way which is personal, detailed and dignified. 



Dallas Frisco Texas Psychic Medium
Dallas Frisco Texas Psychic Medium
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Boot Camp


The Authentic Woman


Created to foster intuitive ability and in support, teach women how to reclaim forgotten aspects of themselves, nurture their individuality, and come together to share a transformational experience that leaves you empowered, energized and enlightened. 


Goddess energy is a creative flow of unconditional love, passionate living, and the respectful humbling pleasure in seeking wisdom. At the Goddess Oracle we discuss how you can achieve focus, dedication, purpose, and the determination to love YOU.  Click here for more info.




Dallas McKinney Texas Psychic Medium
Transform your life
Boost awareness



I am passionate in helping others achieve a harmonious balance within - integrating a complete Mind, Body, and Spirit connection. 


CLICK HERE for guided meditations designed to:

  • Assist you in protection of your spiritual power

  • Engage your chakras and align your energies properly

  • Raise your vibration to an elevated state of grace

  • Learn to communicate with loved ones crossed over

  • Develop relationships with spirit guides who work in your earth life

  • Discern your intuitive voice and divine consciousness


You'll find useful tips on helping you to understand meditation concepts and how angels and guides play a role in helping us tap into an awakened sense of spiritual wisdom. 

Meditate daily. The MORE you do - the MORE you receive!

I N T U I T I V E   P A I N T I N G

allowing each layer of paint to inform what comes next

Intuitive painting is a powerful spiritual and creative practice of meditating with a brush in your hand. It's about letting go of fear or expectations and allow your painting to evolve based on your sentementalities, visions, and compassion. With my guidance, I'll help you release attachment to judgments and instead invite in your subtle thoughts to open a presence of self expression.



Walking you through one-step-at-a-time you can translate your feelings and inspiration onto canvas. Think of it as dreamtime with color. You'll foster a deeper connection with your own spark while co-creating with Spirit an amazing piece of art you'll treasure.


I've had student after student tell me "they cannot paint" or "they aren't creative enough", yet they're always amazed at what they CAN create when they practice surrendering of judgment and preconceived notions of what their art would look like. It not about how you hold the brush, it's about how you allow your inner mind's voice to move the brush for you. ABSTRACT PAINTING brings an intense composition to the forefront and you'll be astonished at what beauty you can create, when reaching from 'within'. I'm there to gently guide you along each movement. Intuitive painting is about trusting the flow and enjoying yourself.

F O R   M O R E   I N F O R M A T I O N   C L I C K   H E R E!

Classes held at your location or at mine in McKinney!


Kathleen's personal adventures into the topsy-turvey world of psychic awareness are rare page-turners for me! How fortunate for us all that Kathleen ultimately chose the highly-challenging life of not only a medium, but a spiritual mentor and teacher too!

Judith Guggenheim -

Co-author of the best seller, Hello From Heaven! and world-renowned researcher and co-founder of the ADC Project.

Kathleen is connected to life and shares this with all. I love her books they lift my Spirit.

Roxanna Cella - Host of Palm Beach Rox Entertainment TV

Ms. Tucci - one of the most accurate psychics you’ll ever run across.

Vicki Miller Isaacks - Founder, Metroplex Paranormal Investigations

Like the character in a movie, Kathleen Tucci sees dead people. This psychic loves sharing her ‘gift’ by connecting loved ones. Many are mystified by her abilities! Many who meet Tucci go from skeptic to believer in their first encounter. An internationally renowned medium, she also offers dozens of workshops ranging from meditation to performing galleries and private readings for thousands of clients from Paris to New York.

Chris Coats - Dallas Morning News, contributing writer

Kathleen is sweet and a very giving person. My customers really have given great feedback about her abilities and knowledge.

Joy Kauf - Owner, Miracles of Joy, Metaphysical Center

Kathleen never ceases to wow all in attendance at her Galleries. You simply must experience her gift.

Trionne Barnett - Owner, Yoga Haven