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A holistic way of improving your mindful, physical, and spiritual well-being.

24 yrs as a spiritual development educator ~ Make each day matter in mindfulness

For 24 years, as a full-time psychic medium, intuitive life coach, healer and author, I've had the privilege of helping individuals and families expand their consciousness. I've lectured and taught many conferences, workshops and retreats to include psychic tools, enlightened awareness, how to speak to the spiritual realm, and healing techniques in my familial noetic modality; Glory, Harmony, Hum.

Each soul has its own precious, individualized journey in the earth classroom. I specialize in assisting you in this journey. Our energies collaborate, helping you become a more centered, harmonious human being radiating positive energy and re-establish a sense of belonging, empowering work-life-balance, maintain mind-body-spirit wellness and personal fulfillment. 

I believe a spiritual lifestyle is paramount to fulfill inner joy and a healthy body. Enjoying assisting you to have an immersive experience creating a life path for you proven to support inner peace, cognitive health, and an expanded consciousness is my greatest gift.​ My life's work is dedicated to guiding you on many levels based on your needs and educating you in the "science of happiness" - deserving and achievable by us all.  

Kathleen Tucci

After writing two popular books in the early 2000's; “Vibrating to Spirit” and “Connecting to Spirit”, I'm working on the release of a third "Glory, Harmony, Hum - Mankind's place in the universe." It aims to unite religion, science and philosophy; a common struggle among many. GHH encompasses the diversity of the 'meaning of life' and the belief systems which support when the physical body dies, the energy of our consciousness remains relating to earthly existence. It tells of three existential keys in mystical insight and their respective powers of divine nature, the trinity of G L O R Y  H A R M O N Y  H U M.  ​ - Kathleen Tucci

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