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Glory Harmony Hum Book cover

You've landed at the right place experience an inner journey opening up your life path. My expertise of blending neuroscience, mind-body-spirit connection and ancient wisdom from global modalities, helps you become a soulful explorer of your authentic greater purpose. Aligning your mind, body and soul creates a sensory rich powerful experience in every day existence.


Whether you are searching for more joy, a deeper spiritual connection to your higher self, seeking to reduce stress or are looking for ways to repair physical and/or emotional wounds, there is a method of spiritual wisdom which will connect directly with you to bring the outcomes you desire.

One of the many emeralds of wisdom in this book describes the self-healing tools which can work for you. In my own life's experience three years ago, I explain how Divine intervention played a vital role in saving my life, when learning I had the power within to heal myself. Chronic back pain stemming from a cyst sitting at my lower back pressing on nerves making it almost impossible to walk at times, was completely eradicated. The story I tell is that upon entering the hospital to do the surgery, the hospital could not locate any record of my scheduled surgery that day - or that I was even a registered patient at that hospital. I had registered over a month before and had prepaid my surgery the week before. I exited the hospital dazed at the power of Spirit to guide me. I had received words of advice from my spirit guide, not to go forward with the surgery.

I had asked for signs and there were several I 'd gotten but not heeded. I was allowing my physical pain to override my intuitive inner voice. Upon leaving the hospital I then asked, perplexed, why was I not to take steps to heal myself at the risk of dying? The answer was simple...the voice of God-consciousness spoke to explain how I was to heal my body myself so that I could then perform physical as well as spiritual healing for others.


There are many reasons why strife, pain, and anguish play a significant role in our lives to teach us resiliency and faith in a higher power. Most noteworthy is that we are as great as the power of God-consciousness ourselves, because we are a derivative of His same energy. I was born with intrinsic spiritual talents to see, hear, and feel spirit in various modalities such as channeling, foreseeing the future, and healing emotional wounds for clients. Working as a evidential psychic medium, my training from years ago before entering the world of a light-worker also supplied me with useful healing skills such as my studies as an artist at a museum transcending into transpersonal therapy using spiritual art. My interest being drawn to sacred geometry began in 2005 which led me to understand quantum healing is based on the predictable idea of geometric patters exist behind all matter. From these patterns which exist in all creation, codes from subsequent patterns support a greater coherence within the resonance of what we want to create in our life, including 'healing touch' using quantum-energy. I used this energy to later heal myself.

Life truly 'is a journey' and even to the most intellectual of people, we can be guilty of not walking in complete awareness to see the 'obvious' in front of us, or what is placed in our path by Spirit.

​The words “release and allow” are used often to describe the pathway to expanded consciousness. I believe LOVE - self love, and love of all things is purity of consciousness. We strive in the human journey to have this realization. Continually exploring ourselves on the experiences of thinking, feeling, and acting in a higher vibration, I believe G L O R Y  H A R M O N Y  H U M is the essence of the trinity and the meaning of incarnation. To find this inner truth, learn to live it, and joyfully participate in the science of happiness that is within your reach resides in the pages of this book. 

This manuscript has many parts. Stories which tell of great miracles as real as breath itself. The inception of this trinity of Glory, Harmony, Hum itself is a most intriguing tale. My granddaughter, Payton Marie has played a magnanimous role in my life from the time she was born. By the age of three she was talking fluently and began telling us of a small baby that was with her often, named Sara. At five years old, she met Jillian who described to Payton, Jillian's own incarnation here on earth in the 1940's in great detail. Payton referred to these two spirit guides often and the messages they would give her. The most fascinating by far was in 2008 when Payton channeled Archangel Michael. She was a millennial baby born in 2000, so she was seven years old at the time. We were in my office at the time which consisted of several areas; a boho meditation space, a lounge with a sofa, chairs and coffee table, and an office section with a desk and computer in an upstairs veranda. We were laying together meditating, sharing what 'we saw' in the air above us. Suddenly she stated there was a powerful angel named Michael who'd entered the room, and he told Jillian he would need to speak to us through her. When she said this, I 'd quickly pulled my digital Olympus from a desk drawer and hit record. As I watched her, she began walking swiftly around the coffee table (I know now, she was raising her vibrations).


He told her to tell me many things a seven year old would  traditionally know little about, such as looking in the Bengal area of the world for wisdom, and that there is an emerald hidden under a rock in the Tralee forest which holds significant information that leads to great knowledge of the meaning of life - "Glory, Harmony and Hum." This is an exact quote of what Payton, said.

Intrigued beyond words, when Payton finished her message from Archangel Michael, we went to my computer to do a search on the Tralee forest to see if it existed. I quickly did a web search, and low and behold - there it was! Tralee is the county town of Kerry in the south-west of Ireland. The town is on the northern side of the neck of the Dingle Peninsula and is the largest town in County Kerry with rich history of the Tralee Bay Wetlands Forest which covers 8000 plus acres including mudflats, sand dunes, beaches and lagoons dating back centuries. 

A few days later as I awoke in the morning after a restful sleep, I distinctly heard in the bedroom, a voice say; "The timeline of mysteries." At the time I had know idea of it's meaning and even in many quests in meditation both individually and with other spiritualists, I still couldn't solve what it's meaning held for me. Each time I thought I was on the path of evolving the statement into an answer, the trail would lead down a rabbit hole to nowhere. Payton and I remained very close and she lived on and off with me at times until she was 19 having close relationships with her mother and other grandmother also who both live in the same area. Payton truly enjoyed being raised by a village, as they say. She had the benefit of both grandmothers entrenched in the spiritual world, and a mother who also was highly intuitive who led spiritual development classes in Texas and Colorado. Payton's Master Guide was Archangel Michael, and led her incredibly in emotional and intellectual growth.


Payton died instantly in a vehicular accident, on March 27th in 2020. As most who travel a path of spiritual wisdom, you know that the loss of a loved one, is often the impetus of that journey. With Payton in my life, every day was an extraordinary one. 


I've written much about her in my latest book appropriately titled - Glory Harmony Hum, and you'll see that Payton contributed astounding wisdom into the chapters even since her transition. Many mysteries have played out involving her power to communicate from the other side. Astounding feats of synchronicity - even having a client phone me a month after her death, that I had not been in contact with, for 16 years! The story is heart-warming and full of joy in how she compelled my client to phone me. The messages from her through someone uneducated in channeling and yet because of our connection (the client and myself and Payton 16 years ago) she was able to pass on deeply healing messages to her family. There is a dedicated chapter in the book that Payton herself has written. We'd discussed writing a book together in 2018. Payton's chapter is was what she desired to contribute then. There are also specific messages she's undoubtedly sent from heaven's dimension. The primary focus being on managing your inner energy correctly to be rid of anxiety and learning to be present. She had prophesied her own passing in 2009 at just nine years old. In a soft young voice she said; "Please know I 'm not going to live a long life. I don't want you, mom and grandma to be sad when I'm gone." I journaled it, and unbelievably, it did come to pass. She had said those words to myself, her mother and other grandmother. Other verifiable information is also in Payton's chapter, which she wrote from the heavenly realm - now sitting next to Archangel Michael and Jesus. You can read more about her physical life in her obituary here.

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