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Women's Empowerment Workshops

My workshops are cutting-edge metaphysical training where we focus on 'using your personal power congruent with universal energy.' You zero in on how to magnify your energy with laser focus to walk in successful awareness while achieving extraordinary spiritual mindfulness. This approach gives opportunity to provide exercises and actualization details you want to share with your tribe and followers.


Learning the mystical arts offers essential Divine Light principles that build an enduring foundation of skills which you can apply in any aspect of life from career, finances and relationships to helping you accelerate your own spiritual growth. 


Making a commitment to sustained ritual and spiritual training, gives you the time, space and experience to truly develop your soul’s potential in breeding personal transformation and a recipe for greatness in glory, harmony and hum.

Spiritual Communication


An accelerated course that provides you an opportunity to develop expert communication with the spirit realm at an intense level - even for beginners. You'll learn the fundamentals in spirit communication and how to develop a personal relationship with your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones in the heavenly realm. That process is a 'game-changer' which creates a greater understanding in self actualization. Use of this spiritual knowledge helps you obtain inner peace and brings with it, abundance in your life. Fee includes 30-page Booklet, Journal, Altar Bag, and Spiritual Cleansing Kit. The workshop is divided into 2 days - meeting 4 hours each day.

8 hours - $350

Psychic Apprenticeship Program

Embrace your abilities to see and hear spirit and master tools and techniques needed to be a psychic and evidential medium. No experience necessary! You will be able to work as an intuitive psychic and channeling medium after course completion. Syllabus includes; Aligning, and protecting your chakras, meditation techniques to reach elevates states of grace, seeing your aura, gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, psychic symbolic language ("Yes, that's very real."), discernment of angelic voices vs. guides and loved ones, practicing mediumship and passing on messages, tarot, using a pendulum, past life regression and karmic soul connections, soma breathwork, and assembling the framework for a successful life path.

This course is a self paced program and I work privately with you to achieve each of the above skills. We meet consistently at least once a week for 2 1/2 hours until course completion. A typical length is 8 weeks. After completion, you'll receive a certification of Psychic Mediumship, assistance developing a Web presence, including marketing techniques. There is an additional charge of $350 for website development if desired with SEO content.

Psychic Apprenticeship


Tarot deck

Learn what the Tarot is all about. Equip yourself with simple to understand techniques that will make Tarot card reading a breeze. This workshop is a great way for newcomers to the Tarot to confidently learn without being overwhelmed. Most who try the Tarot give up the chance to acquire skill because of it's seeming complexity. You can master the Tarot for your own personal growth and even begin a Tarot card reading career if desired. My technique is specially designed to enable you to pursue your Tarot learning in whichever direction you choose.

You'll learn all that I know about the cards and the spreads and take your reading skills to the next level. Whether developing this skill for yourself or to help others, one of the most meaningful benefits of this workshop is how the cards open you up to understanding yourself better more spiritually, and how it enhances your journey of personal development and growth. What we'll cover; Brief history of Tarot, caring for your cards, 78 card images and their meanings, defining the Major and Minor Arcana, Tarot Card Spreads, and designing questions for reading for yourself and others.

Have no doubt, you'll successfully demonstrate the ability to do professional-grade Tarot card sessions upon completion of this workshop. This is a 3 hour instruction and is offered as a private one-on-one class or can be held as a group workshop at your location or mine.

3 hours - $250

Contact me at kattuccipsychic@gmail or text me at 214-502-6323 in organizing a workshop specifically designed for you or your group.
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