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MBCT Life Coaching

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Relationship/Career/Grief/Mind Balance/Health & Body​/Spirituality

At Kathleen Tucci GHH, I specialize in helping individuals achieve their most meaningful goals and overcome any obstacles along their journey. My proven methods combine modern psychology with traditional wisdom to provide clients with the tools they need to create the life they want. I have been at the forefront of the life coaching industry since our establishment in 2000; thousands of clients have already transformed their lives with my help.  


Includes five 90 minute sessions with guaranteed 24 hour response to phone and email support in between meeting times, for the duration of working together. $240 for each additional 90 minute session.

Ready to begin? Contact me to arrange a free consultation to discuss how I can help you design the perfect strategy for you.

Text: 214-502-6323    Email:

Empowerment is within you. Take action!
Work Life Balance - Mind/body/spirit
Learn how to design a harmonic lifestyle!

Your MIND is worth investing in and it will drive you to the mountain top of success! Your mind-body-spirit connection is everything and will determine your future. In a collaborative in-depth orientation and assessment, I define an individualized plan with a creative process to inspire and maximize your personal and professional potential. You'll receive an achievable complete lifestyle change in habits, goals and initiatives for happiness. Using mindful-based cognitive therapy you can reprogram your perspectives creating the life path you want, a personal authenticity, and a true sense of peace. For those who deal with anxiety and depression, when other modalities haven't seemed to work - this mindful training is spectacular. Break old patterns, fight set-backs and release blocks which have previously held you from the success and happiness you deserve. Together we'll uncover the distinct root challenges facing you while integrating personally designed tools into your routine regimen which begins bringing you positive results immediately. Experience peace of mind and harmony in every day living, creating your own unique system for moving into the science of happiness! 


Solution based coping mechanisms and tools for better health and wellness, intellectually and spiritually work hand in hand with creating emotional breakthroughs, and work to build a powerful source of thinking that is life changing.

  • Get in touch with and better manage your emotions.

  • Overcome challenges by letting go of negative and limiting beliefs.

  • Learn what is important to you by revealing your deepest values.

  • Action plan to achieve goals - develop your strengths, not focus on weaknesses.

  • Discover how to create inner joy and enrich your life!

  • Sessions are 90 minutes in length with guaranteed phone and email support throughout the duration of therapy.*​​

All Life Coach Packages include:

  • Baseline psychological evaluation

  • Plan for course of treatment

  • Meditation techniques, breathwork

  • Food plan recommendations as appropriate

  • Session worksheets with strategies to achieve desired outcomes

  • Energy diagnostics, self awareness exercises

  • Guidance using my psychic abilities

  • Educational material, GHH workbook

Kathleen Tucci MBCT

For the past 24 years, I have dedicated myself to the practice and teaching of mindfulness cognitive therapy. As a trained coach, my journey has not just been about imparting knowledge; it's been a profound commitment to transforming lives. The path has been rewarding, marked by the success and satisfaction of thousands of clients who have trusted me to guide them through their journeys of self-discovery and improvement. My methods, deeply rooted in the principles of mindfulness and cognitive therapy, have been carefully refined through years of practice and continuous learning. These techniques are not just about coping strategies; they are about fundamentally transforming the way individuals perceive and interact with the world around them. It's about teaching people to live in the moment, acknowledge their thoughts and feelings without judgment, and foster a new, healthier way of thinking.

The testimonials from my clients are a testament to the impact of this work. They speak of profound changes, from overcoming anxiety and depression to developing a more positive outlook on life. Many have shared stories of personal achievements that were once thought impossible—rebuilding relationships, pursuing long-held dreams, and finding peace in a world that once seemed chaotic.

This journey has not just been about the successes but also about the challenges. Each client brings unique experiences and obstacles, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It's a process of collaboration, understanding, and adaptation. Yet, the reward of seeing someone emerge stronger, more aware, and more at peace with themselves is immeasurable.

As I reflect on the past 24 years, I am filled with gratitude for the trust placed in me by so many. My commitment to this practice is unwavering, and I look forward to continuing to support individuals in their journeys towards a more mindful and fulfilling life. My methods have stood the test of time, and the thousands of satisfied clients are a clear indication that profound transformation is possible for anyone willing to embark on this journey of mindfulness cognitive therapy.


Ready to begin? Contact me to arrange a free consultation to discuss how I can help you in designing the perfect strategy.

Text: 214-502-6323    Email:

Couples - it takes a Champion Life Designer to integrate 'emotional mastery'

It's a true statement that the two very people who fell in love - can falter because of thinking differently. As couples 'experiencing life together' an up and down rollercoaster of emotions naturally ensues, trying to appease our partner, be their supporter, caretaker, fixer, and nurturer. Sometimes at the detriment of losing a part of ourselves in the process. It's seldom intentional, but when on this life path with another - it happens. It's of vital importance to know, this happens to the majority of us. Coupling - while it is a natural state of being, our personalities, needs, and ideals alter and morph through time handing us joys and challenges. It's how we respond when feeling despondent, alone or rejected and resentful that keep us together or form a wedge that needs mending. Recognizing flaws in communication styles is key, and regaining the trust and respect of your partner is as paramount. The recipe for a happy intimate relationship is easier than most appreciate. Reuniting two loving persons searching for thriving connectedness that really matters is what I do well.

Individual or couple's 90 minute sessions offered. 3 session minimum $720 total.

Lovers Therapy
Young People - Struggling in direction and focus

Our children's souls have evolved just as our societies and technology - at lightning speed. The educational institutions have not progressed with them. Depression, self medicating, and imposed pressure from social media are just a few of the challenges children face which disallows a young mind to flourish and grow organically within their own intrinsic characteristics.  Creative large thinkers can literally be forced into submissive cognitive behavior. This epidemic of anxiousness amongst our youth has ripped families apart. The good news is there are sensitive remedies which can be trained to curtail many of these challenges in reduction of self worth, and what arises is a transformation of productive thinking that enforces self reliance, assertiveness and independent thought. Determining the focus of therapy for each child is necessary. From this baseline of knowledge we can narrow the focus from a number of modalities useful from Brain Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, to cognitive Anxiety therapies as appropriate. 

Individual or family 90 minute sessions offered. $240 per session.

No minimum sessions required.

Super Brain Yoga




I just wanted to thank you for teaching me meditation. It was a wonderful experience. Since meeting you for the first time, I have been on such a wonderful journey and feel very blessed that our paths have crossed. I've so much to learn but firmly believe that when I look back in a year's time, I will be amazed at how much I've explored, grown, changed and spiritually evolved. You are an amazing, talented teacher with so much ability to heal, a true gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Debbie W.

"Hi Kathleen,

I wanted to thank you for being you. I don’t mean to sound corny but you have a way of making people feel so good about themselves and things around them. You have a peace about you that is contagious. I am so very thankful our paths crossed at this time in my life. The last year or so for me has been very difficult because I have felt like a lost soul. I am surrounded by so much love and blessed with a beautiful family yet I still had felt so down about myself. I have learned so much from you and have become such a different person tapping into this other realm I have never imagined. For once, I feel as if I am heading towards the direction of becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

Take care,

Michelle M."

"I am so glad to have met you when I did.  I am still using a lot of things you've told me in just the brief sessions we had to help me understand what I am going through and how it all works on the other side.  My Mom made the statement that you did more for me in one session than my Psychiatrists did in several. 

In gratitude,

Deanne F."

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