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Welcome to the GHH Institute


GHH Life Coach School focuses on helping each student become a highly effective and successful Life Coach. You'll participate in a one-on-one class with me. We work together, reviewing methodologies in practicum for personal growth in all areas of body, mind, and spirit of the individual. You'll receive a handbook, and other course materials designed to help you accommodate your client's best interest, while giving you the confidence to move forward with your journey as a successful Life Coach.


This is a 36 hour course, broken down into 6 - 6 hour workshops. One each week for 6 weeks.  

Towards the end of the program we'll do practice sessions and fine-tune your own unique Life Coach Business marketing plan and website design. Upon completion of the program you will become a Certified Life Coach. This Life Coach Training is advanced and the track record of personalized education in the mind-body-spirit field along with expertise in launching you into your own practice, differentiates us from many other Life Coach Certification Schools.


The cost is $1300.00


The syllabus will look similar to:


* The Ethics of Coaching

* Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

* Transformational Listening and Questioning

* Discerning Blocks and Dysfunctional Patterning

* Relational vs. Behavorial Responses and Attitudes

* Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

* Mindfulness Coach's Toolbox

* Restructuring Sustainable Patterns into Positive Outcomes

* Solution Oriented Coaching - Holding Your Client Accountable

* Modalities to Consider

* Certification

* Strategic Marketing and Website Development


If you decide you'd like to enroll, because of the commitment requirement to instruct the course, full payment is required at enrollment and received before first scheduled class date. Please feel free to call me with any questions at 214-502-6323. I'd love to train you! It's amazing how you yourself grow as you learn to teach others! 


Wishing you inspiriting and fabulous moments!


Expand your personal journey and roadmap. You'll easily identify core values, your commitment to yourself and others and how you stand out from the crowd. Engagement in breeding personal transformation and a recipe for greatness in Glory, Harmony and Hum.

Contact me at kattuccipsychic@gmail for a FREE consultation organizing a workshop specifically designed for you and/or your group to be certified in GHH.



GHH Certification Course 


Four ways to purchase:

 Cash/check at the time of first workshop

Venmo: @Kathleen-Tucci-2


Zelle: 214-502-6323

Payment in full is required due to limited seating.

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