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Glory Harmony Hum Retreats
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Spiritual Lifestyle and Self  Journeying

We are born Goddesses within, and commonly over time, our authenticity of what our soul and intuition know is truth, gets chipped away at, bit by bit. We can feel lost, uncertain who were and are now, and what road map will get us back to empowerment of our own minds. Glory, Harmony, Hum Retreat is here and ready to bring you a truly revolutionary way of sisterhood and transformation!

As a life coach certified in mindfulness therapy, Vegus Nerve and Soma Breathwork, I give you fresh ideas of how to integrate work, life, balance into your current lifestyle. There is also a large focus placed on re-patterning our thoughts to deeply factor into the experience of 'living positivity'. As a facilitator, I lead you safely into ancient rituals and methods of altered states where you realize the capacity to thrive in an elevated vibration of spirit wisdom. It's so much easier than you think. You do not need to have ANY prior spiritual knowledge to accomplish an empowered soulful way of experiencing joy, harmony and inner peace.

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My goddess retreats are attended by professionals in burn-out, stressed overworked moms and just good 'ol adventurous free spirits! I provide a space where women can not only have a fun exciting get-away, but also have a very personal, inspirational experience. It is an oasis where women can take time to reflect on their lives, and discover new creative opportunities for growth and satisfaction for themselves and their future. 


We harness our empowerment energy in confidence, master acceptance, and allow joy to permeate each action. Understanding how to own and manage our personal power brings us to the best outcomes meeting our needs. We claim our intense collective consciousness energy to live in self-respect, authenticity of our inner and outer voice, and follow our intuitive strength on a path to eternal bliss. Every woman should feel the reward of finding her own worthiness and significance.

Simple rituals used for centuries brought into today's hectic world, will teach you the mystical secrets of a fulfilled daily sense of personal awareness and purpose. You'll explore a wide variety of self-development pathways from alchemy and energetic healing, to mind-body-spirit fitness, and physical exercise used to enhance psychic ability. Did you know that your senses help discern your divine purpose here? And that pranic healing breaks down personal stumbling blocks difficult to break through?

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You're part of the great collective consciousness

Provided in your Goddess swag bag are a Goddess booklet, journal, Goddess jewelry, essential oils, crystals, prosperity tools and altar Kit including white sage, sea shell bowl, gold feather, lavender, palo santo, selenite, and sea salt.​

Everyone who attends, sees their aura, learns to hear and see spirit, and experiences a nurturing feeling of wholeness and inner peace! You'll discover simple ways to replace stress with positive affirmations, re-pattern thought perspectives, learn meditation techniques, and a fresh approach to work-life-balance. Awakening your personal power never felt so good and igniting a new path in spiritual living with other women in joy transforms your soul! 

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10 AM - 4 PM
Kathleen Tucci's Home
206 N. Britton St.
Tom Bean, TX 75034


Glory Harmony Hum Kathleen Tucci

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I'm so happy you're attending!

Hosting Goddess events for over 15 years has been one of my greatest joys.


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We explore a wide variety of spiritual self-development pathways. Such as using tools that remove obstacles which strategically integrate routine guidelines for living a more fulfilled daily sense of personal awareness and purpose and more...

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