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Retreat Itinerary

Breakout Sessions

Setting Intentions, Affirmations and Mantras

Self Actualization - Transformative Perspectives of Mind, Body and Spirit

Spiritual Cleansing Ritual - Smudging Ceremony

Seeing Auras & Chakra Protection

Designing Our Sacred Space

Journaling with Purpose

Breakout Sessions

Meditating to Meet Spirit

How to Manifest What We Desire

Moon Cycles and the Universal Clock

Physical Exercise Used to Enhance Psychic Ability

GHH Benefits for Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss

The City of Nine Gates and the Body




​Fresh Fruit

Veggie and Wrap Trays

Healthy Confections

Purified Water

Leaded and Unleaded Coffee and Assorted Teas

Breakout Sessions

Healthy Core and Feet Massage

Getting Back Your Authentic Self

Honoring Our Selves - Rewriting Our Story

Opening Gates of Divine Purpose

Learn the Tarot

Shamanic Releasing Ceremony


Kathleen's Home:
206 N. Britton St.
Tom Bean, TX 75491

When: TBD  

Time: 9 AM - 6 PM


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