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Past Life Regression

Your soul has experienced many lifetimes.
A look into your past lives.

When performing a past life regression, your soul's Akashic record is accessed. The Akashic Records are a source where the past, present, and future knowledge of what we as souls, encounter is stored. At the time a soul begins to experience life as an independent entity, a field of energy is created to record every thought, word, intent, emotion, and deed generated by that soul. This field of energy is known as Akasha and it contains every piece of information about a soul from the time its existence began until the end of time, regardless of the number of incarnations a soul chooses to experience. Each soul’s record is available by accessing your specific unique vibrational frequency. We are all light source of energy and each of us possess a “vibrational fingerprint" unique to us alone just like our physical fingerprint. No two are alike! This is also how we recognize other souls we love on the other side and how are deceased loved ones find each other. Our vibrational signature is encoded into the energies of the universe.


As a certified hypnotherapist and trained in neuro linguistic programming, I use proprietary techniques to fold back the layers of soul memory so you can tap into hidden recesses of your psyche's core challenges, desires, and phobias. This experience enhances the Self awareness in an amazing way. It transforms your consciousness in direct congruence to your own desire for change and willingness to respond intuitively to your divine path. It can be truly life altering!


By accessing your Akashic Record you can identify and release blocks in your growth, overcome inhibitions, heal emotional wounds, and open up a gateway of your own personal powerful knowledge and gain clearer insight into who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. You'll also see repeated patterns, behaviors, and relationships with people in your soul group and habitual actions. Experiencing a realization of these events helps you to create effective ways in which to manifest personal power and more congruent spiritual direction in life.


While teaching spiritual development over the last 15 years, clients discover there are many methods to increase awareness, and choosing to use past life information is one spectacular way in which clear evidentiary conclusions appear while providing you direction for how to positively affect your future! If any of the following ring true for you, there is a very strong probability you are experiencing past life memories and feelings:

  • You have this feeling or this situation that you just can’t shake. Seems like it’s been with you forever!

  • You’ve done inner work, maybe even therapy. You still can’t seem to shake it. Just keeps popping up.

  • You are really attracted to a period in history

  • You’re really attracted to a language

  • You just love (or dislike) everything about a particular country

  • You just know how to do something even though you’ve never studied it.

  • You haven’t found anything in your life that explains these feelings


If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider partaking in a past life regression. A PLR will help you recover past life memories, bring to light why personal fears and phobias exist for you, create awareness in widening self imposed boundaries, and help you to release feelings standing in your way of living a more successful and happier life.


During PLR session it's plausible to witness and experience a past life where your significant fears and anxieties originated, thus bringing them out into the open to be acknowledged and cleared away. In many instances current relationships are also viewed in a past life, enabling you to see and understand more fully why you are involved with certain people in this life including current family members, friends or sometimes even co-workers. Seemingly serendipitous circumstances will take on broader conclusions and you may discover a past life where you had knowledge and powers far exceeding what you possess now and this "discovery" will enable you to embrace that lost knowledge and utilize it NOW in this life.


By seeing yourself in a past life you begin to get in touch with your True-Self, your Eternal-Self, and can experience your soul as someone who does not "perish" with the death of the physical body, but goes on to accept challenging incarnations. PLR is a powerful vehicle to explore your soul memories, keeping you focused on your soul intentions and helping you integrate the information required to achieve success in daily life.


How to best prepare for your Past Life Regression: 


In preparation for your past life regression, consider designing a list of questions that hold great meaning for you such as; "Why were my friendships short-lived?" or “What would be an ideal career choice for me?” or "Is my current job a good fit for me and why?" or “Why do I feel isolated from people?” or “Why do I fear large bodies of water when I've never encountered a bad experience involving water in this life?” or “What steps can I take to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life?” or “Is there something I am not seeing that would help me to lead a fuller, more enriching life?”


Here are also examples of topic points you may want to explore while in your past life regression. These are offered as a guideline to compile your list. In actuality, there are no limits to what information may be discovered during your past life regression experience.

  • Spiritual growth and guidance, metaphysical matters

  • Interactions with friends, family, or others

  • Repeating patterns and behaviors or recurring dreams

  • Influences from past lives and/or karmic influences

  • Synchronicities or coincidences

  • Spirit guides, deceased loved ones, angels

  • Psychic resources and knowledge


The day before your PLR...


Please refrain from using any alcohol 24 hours prior to our appointment time. Schedule your day accordingly so that prior to our appointment you can take time to quiet your mind and even perform a relaxation meditation if possible. Allow the Divine Light of Universal Wisdom to envelop you as you consider what deepest truths would best serve you to know at this time and allow your questions to come from there. Here are some suggested areas to ponder when meditating and preparing for your PLR:

a) Look at your life circumstances or recent events. Focus on the areas in which you need the greatest clarity.

b) Notice any recurring patterns in your life you'd like to eliminate or where deeper insight would be helpful.

c) Think about people in your life that offer the greatest challenge or frustration. Ponder how you can best work with them.

d) Direction of career or relationships, clarity of life purpose, and how to facilitate learning soul lessons you've chosen to participate in.


Here is a list of statements to consider completing by filling in the blanks. This will help to guide you in acquiring the information you are seeking when in your session. Feel free to answer these any way you desire. There can be no right or wrong answers/statements, only the way YOU perceive your current world. If you do not feel compelled to answer some of these statements simply skip past it and go on to the next statement. As noted earlier, you are encouraged to create notations on your beliefs, and/or statements/questions of your own of a spiritual nature as well.

  • I feel my Soul's intention regarding the pattern of _________ is __________.

  • I would like to open my heart to ___________.

  • I feel _____________ is blocking me from _______________.

  • I feel _____________ is blocking me from attracting and maintaining reaching information I need at this time.

  • I feel _____________ is blocking me from creating/attracting/accepting and maintaining the abundance and prosperity of the Universe.

  • I feel _____________ is blocking me from moving forward with _______________.

  • I need to know about ____________.

  • Please give me insight into the situation of __________.

  • I need to release to _____________ learn to trust myself.

  • I need to release to _____________ accept myself and feel whole and complete.

  • I appreciate ________________ in my life always.

  • The ________________ illness I suffered through, affected me by _____________.

  • My body type has always been an issue for me because ______________.


The session is $350.00 and lasts approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours long. After the PLR is concluded we will discuss the results and also recommended actions you can set in motion to effectively integrate the knowledge gained into techniques that contribute successful outcomes in present-day challenges.


To schedule a past life regression purchase below and I will contact you promptly to schedule an appointment time convenient for you. Your session is recorded digitally for you at no additional charge. I look forward to our time together!

~ Kathleen Tucci 

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 *  PLR session $350   

*   Sessions are 2-2 1/2 hour in length.

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