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Psychic Gallery Salons

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Invite family and friends to enjoy an intimate, rewarding and touching experience connecting to your loved ones passed. Taking a look into your future can also be a included in your event.


Host a Spiritual Gallery in your home or other private setting.

As a devoted teacher on living a balanced life path, I specialize in spiritual guidance as a life coach of mind-body-spirit-belief and lead psychic development workshops. As a popular speaker and expert in paranormal phenomena, I strive to fill my personal readings, group galleries, and lectures with profound spirituality and wisdom, inspiration and laughter, emotion and love.


DESIGN IT HOW YOU LIKE IT! Feel free to create your event to fit your individual needs. You might want to

mix both a Gallery where we bring through loved ones on the other side and also one-on-one time with

guests and I to do Tarot, performing life path readings for them and answering questions concerning

their future. I'll work with you to create the event you're looking for. 

At your Private Gallery Session, you can host it at your location or mine, inviting your own guest list. At the beginning of the gallery I'll open with a question and answer segment offering your guests the ability to inquire about the connection process, share spiritual experiences, and pick the brain of a psychic medium. Common questions asked are; "How can you learn to feel a loved ones’ presence: will it be real or just your imagination?" "Why do spirits choose to communicate at certain times and not at others?" "And what exactly is the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium?" This introduction is sensational, fun and gets everyone's bio-rhythms working in sync. 


I then begin passing on personal messages to people in attendance, bringing through those in Spirit. While it is joyous to reunite with those we've lost, hearing from a loved one can also sometimes be a touching experience so having friends or a relative there for moral support can be a great help. Pads and pencils are provided for those wanting to take notes and I allow DIGITAL recorders so you can capture the experience.


Before finishing your event we open the floor for more discussion. Most want to review what took place in the reading they just received or readings they might have witnessed. Light instruction is also offered on how to recognize signs and symbols from your loved ones crossed.


AVAILABILITY - Weekdays, weeknights and weekends, excluding holidays. If travel time to your destination is longer than an hour, or if hotel accomodations need to be made, small additional fees may apply.


PRICING - For an intimate group of 10 persons or less  -  $350.00 for 2 hours. (An average of $35 per person).


- For groups larger than 10 persons or if you simply want to reserve more time for your gathering there is a 3 hour minimum at a total cost of $525.00 and $120.00 for each additional hour. Maximum persons count for three or more hours is 20 guests.


- For groups over 20 please call to discuss details and pricing.


COMPENSATION - The "host" is responsible for collecting the fee from his/her participants prior to or on the day of the event and compensates Ms. Tucci at the time of the gallery or you can pre-purchase your gallery below.


To secure a date, text 214-502-6323 or email

2 Hour Gallery Salon $350

3 Hour Gallery Salon $525

Four ways to purchase:

 Cash/check at the time of the gallery

Venmo: @Kathleen-Tucci-2


Zelle: 214-502-6323 (The Column Center)

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