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Harmonizing environmentally friendly Eau de Parfum
Glory Harmony Hum Eau de Parfum is an immersive blissful experience. It stems from the philosophy in belief that living in harmony with nature, free from the distractions of human desire and in its place, a spiritual more intense vibration, brings glory to all you encounter.

Spiritual Properties:  the High,   Mid, & Base  Notes

From the moment you apply your Glory Harmony Hum Eud de Parfum, you'll recognize it's haute luxe perfume fragrance, yet light and mesmerizing in it's design. The pleasure you'll get from wearing it, is encompassed by its components carefully engaged by spiritual insight. This signature Eau de Parfum is created from the highest concentration of clean pure oils. Depending on how your unique body absorbs Parfum, the high note lasts around 10 to 15 minutes before it intentionally disappears. Then the middle "heart" notes swing in for 2 to 4 hours, lingering patiently. The base note becomes potent, remaining from 4 to 6 hours. Think of fragrance as the image of a pyramid composed of a mixture of fragrances which creates the Eau de Parfum in it's entirety.

Adding elegance, there is a special surprise of amethyst crystals floating in your GHH Parfum which opens intuition, activates spiritual awareness and balances your energy, dispels sadness and negativity and enhances psychic abilities!

* Available in large 50ML and travel size 10ML. 

the High Note

The most rapid to change of the fragrances used, is referred to as the “top” or "high" note. In Glory Harmony Hum it is Bergamot. Its relation to its ruling planet, element, and chakra are;


Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Chakra: crown

Bergamot is the royal oil because it puts your mind into a rightful place. This means you have the understanding you’re in the right place at the right time—you are always in your perfect moment and you are the one and only authority in your life. This beautiful citrus hands you the crown and sceptre of authority over your own life.


the Mid Note

The main theme of the fragrance is described as the "middle" note, or what is also called the “heart” of the fragrance. In Glory Harmony Hum it is Lavender and Gardenia. Its relation to their ruling planets, elements, and chakras are;  

Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Chakra: Heart
Open communication, the oil of truth, self-expression, connection to our highest self, and balances emotions. Lavender sends a calming message to the brain making it a natural sedative and tranquil. It will relax your spirit and has long been used in rituals calling in higher vibrating spiritual energies. 



Planet: Cosmos
Element: Universal Consciousness
Chakra: Throat
Gardenia symbolizes everything related to the spiritual world, especially attraction to enlightenment. It’s a mystical flower infused with the power of positive energy and is able to transport the sniffer to Elysium - heavenly estates where life is sweet, and all is joy. Gardenia, gentle and considered elegant, possesses spiritual meanings including purity, love, refinement and clarity. In addition, it’s symbolic of self-reflection and of oneself for understanding insight and awareness of noetic knowledge.

the Base Note

The least evaporation over the time worn is the “base” note. This means that Frankincense, the "base" note in Glory Harmony Hum is the strongest and longest lasting of the scents. Its relation to its ruling planet, element, and chakra are;

Planet: Sun God Ra
Element: Light
Chakra: Third Eye
Increases connection to spirit, raises consciousness, spiritual strength and protection, ritual and ceremony. Ayurveda healers have long incorporated frankincense in some form as part of purification and healing ceremonies. Frankincense when inhaled through the nose promotes a sense of peace, relaxation, grounding and connectedness. It’s the perfect companion for getting into a meditative, spiritual state.


50ML Parfum Spray

Large signature bottle of GHH Parfum in frosted glass preserving the integrity of your fragrance. $36.50

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10ML Ampoule Spray

Travel size glass ampoule of GHH for the perfect spritz when on-the -go. $12.50

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The Haute Luxe Collection

Includes: 50ML large Parfum and its travel partner size of 10ML. $58

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A note from Kathleen Tucci and the story of Payton and Glory Harmony Hum's inception 

Enjoy Glory Harmony Hum's uplifting chypre with its mix of warm floral scents including notes of Bergamot, Lavender Essence, Gardenia, and Frankincense. Inspired by the bonds of family love, the beautiful blend of ingredients in Glory Harmony Hum was channeled to me, connecting to my late granddaughter, Payton Marie.  In a meditation she clearly defined which fragrances to use for each note and including that it should be an all-natural clear formula of Eau de Parfum. It wasn't until I did research on creating chypre that I realized the scents she was suggesting held the perfect ingredients for helping others connect to spiritual awareness at a higher vibration. Not until I looked up each scent, did I know that she was using the four most important chakras for connecting to the heavenly realms; the crown (soul) chakra, the all-seeing third eye, the chakra of communication-the throat, and the profound healing and feeling of the heart chakra. My Master Guide is Ra, the Sun God and ruler of Frankincense, the longest and most powerful of the profound scents used. Payton's Master Guide was Archangel Michael, the prince messenger and referred to as the "strong one of God." One of the essential oils connected to him is the mystical Lavender.

Payton knew of her guides as a young child beginning at the age of three, when she first met Sara, a spirit baby. At five years old she met Jillian who described to Payton, Jillian's own incarnation here on earth in the 1940's in great detail. Payton referred to these two spirit guides often and the messages they would give her. The most fascinating by far was in 2007 when Payton channeled Archangel Michael. We were in my office at the time which consisted of several areas; a meditation space, lounge, and office section with a desk and computer in an upstairs veranda. He told her to tell me many things a seven year old would  traditionally know little about, such as "looking in the Bengal area of the world for wisdom, and that there is an emerald hidden under a rock in the Tralee forest which holds significant information that leads to great wisdom of the meaning of life - Glory, Harmony and Hum."

This is an exact quote. I'd began recording her as I watched her begin to walk swiftly around the coffee table (she was raising her vibrations) and made the statement that Michael was too powerful so he was giving the message to her spirit guide Jillian, and Jillian was passing it on to her. When Payton said this, I 'd quickly pulled my digital Olympus from a drawer and hit record.


Intrigued beyond words, when Payton finished her message from Archangel Michael, we went to my computer to do a search on the Tralee forest to see if it existed. I quickly did a web search, and low and behold - there it was! Tralee is the county town of Kerry in the south-west of Ireland. The town is on the northern side of the neck of the Dingle Peninsula and is the largest town in County Kerry with rich history of the Tralee Bay Wetlands Forest which covers 8000 plus acres including mudflats, sand dunes, beaches and lagoons dating back centuries. You can read more about Payton and her extraordinary spiritual gifts on the Glory Harmony Hum book page.

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