Psychic Development

Join this life-changing metaphysics course. This psychic development course gives you the opportunity to explore mysticism -developing at an intense level, unlocking a timeline of mysteries that will create life changes, deeper understandings self actualization, and help you to use your spiritual power, and obtain peace and abundance in your life. You'll learn the fundamentals in spirit communication and how to develop a personal relationship with your Spirit Guides. Fee includes 30-page Booklet, Journal, Altar Bag, and Spiritual Cleansing Kit. The workshop is divided into two days - meeting 4 hours each day.


Apprenticeship Program

An in-depth 6 module apprenticeship. Embrace your abilities to see and hear spirit and master tools and techniques needed to be a psychic and evidential medium. No experience necessary! You will be able to work as an intuitive psychic and channeling medium after course completion. Your syllabus includes;

 ·  How To See Auras

 ·  Aligning , using and protection your chakras

 ·  Meditation Techniques including Merkabah

 ·  Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience to speak to Spirit

  ·  Symbols - The Psychic Language your Angels and Guides use to speak with you

  ·  Discerning the different voices of your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones

 ·   Being a Psychic Medium - Passing on Messages

 ·  Tools including Tarot, Psychometry, Automatic Writing, Palmistry

This course is a self paced program and I work privately with you to achieve each of the above named skills. A typical length is 6 to 10 weeks. We meet consistently (if permitting your schedule) once a week for 2 hours until course completion.